How to Get Him To Propose

So you’ve been seeing this wonderful guy for quite some time now. And you are so certain that he is husband material. The thing is, he hasn’t shown you the sign that he will present you with that one thing you long for, the ring. And you are wondering what’s the next step you have to take to inspire your man to move on to the next stage.

Before I tell you how to get him to propose, there are few things you need to review and understand. I’m sure you have done everything to assess your relationship to decide that he’s the one. But now you need to dig deeper to find out few things.

First, know what qualities your man wants to see in a woman that will be his wife. Of course you’re a girlfriend material for him, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now. But are you a wife material for him? those things are basically similar for men. If you can assure him that he is the one for you and you’re not fooling around flirting with any man you meet on the street, especially behind his back, it means a lot to him.

From Hello To I do

From Hello To I do

And look after him. Let him see by himself how helpless he is without you and your advice. How badly he will miss you when you’re not around. He will truly understands how much he needs you in his life with all your support for him.

When he finally can see all those quality in you, it’s time for you to finally consider how to get him to propose. but don’t freak out if you think you have wait long enough and he hasn’t make the move. One thing you really don’t want to do is giving him ultimatum. It will never work and make things worse. You will only push him away if you do that. And don’t withhold something just to punish him.

Start to take him out with your married friends to show him how happy marital can be so he can see that he has nothing to fear. And then without any rush or hassle, introduce him to the idea of marriage. Lightly first, and see how well he accepts it. If everything is going well, you can tell him how you really feel. Tell him how happy you are with him in your life and suggest him that maybe it’s time for you two to talk about future plans. Try not to sound too demanding or even needy. But he needs to know that you are serious with the relationship. Listen to what he has today, let him explain what he has in his mind.

A good communication is essential. By doing this you can also measure how well you understand each other and if the feeling is really mutual. If you need more advice, you can find free video on this page that will help you every step of the way. It’s made by two experts in romantic relationships Jonathan Green and T Dub Jackson, that have helped thousands of women to be successful in their relationship and having the wedding of their dream.


How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

It’s true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with. Otherwise there would be no such thing as long distance relationship. But we often hear people say that long distance relationship is hard to maintain and even impossible. Is it true?


It doesn’t have to be like that if you do things right. Long distance relationship, as any relationship needs a lot of work, effort, and commitment. And in some parts it takes double. But it’s not impossible as many couples has proven that long distance relationship works.

Long Distance Relationship Secrets

Long Distance Relationship Secrets

The first and most important thing to do is to make sure that you are both in the same page about the relationship. You have to talk about it upfront with your partner. Make sure that you both want the same thing about the relationship and you both need to come up with some sort of plan of what you need from each other and decide the best thing to gov about being there for each other.


One thing that any relationship won’t last without is trust. Especially in a long distance relationship, trust is a must. both of you have to be realistic that there are difficulties ahead. Always keep in mind that everyone is innocent and worthy of trust until proven otherwise. that’s the way to keep your relationship healthy without the poison of jealousy and drama. Have rules and standards of the relationship that both of you have mutually agreed upon to build a common goals and strengthen your relationship. Stay positive and not focusing on the negative side of the long distance relationship is essential to keep tour relationship blooming and your partner content.


Communicate as often as possible and using as many means as you can. Phone, email, video chat, etc. It’s important to establish and maintain emotional connection. These don’t always have to be long, but always try to make it meaningful. and when you do see each other take advantage as much as possible to get intimate with each other in those precious moment.


Talk about your future together. Assuming that you’d want to live together ultimately, by discussing it will help greatly to prove to each other that your relationship is somewhere and all your effort and frustration are not in vain. So discussions about how you are going to get to that point is are very important.

Dating Tips For Women

As much as we want to believe that we already know all there is to know about dating, it won’t hurt to get insight or advice about this rather tricky business that’s supposed to be fun. So I have gathered some of the most helpful and up to date dating tips for women from various sources that hopefully will at least encourage you to have more understanding, fun, and eventually a happy ending on your romantic quest.


Most people consider dating as some kind of game, which you can win through tricks and schemes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Dating is about getting to know each other to find someone that you like for what he is and likes you for what you are, in order to have a lasting and rewarding relationship for mutual happiness. So both sides have to be honest all the time and mutual respect is always a must. If you are being dishonest in any part of the process, how could you expect and honest result? Respect yourself and forget all those schemes that promise short term result which usually end in disappointment.


When you have high respect for yourself and others, you will send the message about your expectation of mutual respect effortlessly, and you will easily sense if your date doesn’t treat you with respect as you deserve. In that case, don’t bother to plan a second date with the same guy. Move on and be thankful that you know you are not meant to be together in early stage to spare any heartbreak and disappointment.


Treat him as mutual partner from the start. Order drinks, food and anything else in equal amount to what he orders. Men really appreciate this as most of them believe that a woman’s behavior in these situations is a reflection of her character. And always show your appreciation for what he spends on you regardless the amount. You never know what his financial situation might be. You will have better time together and viewed in more positive light if you have no expectation as to how much a man should spend on you. Giving him small gift of his interest or doing something special for him every now and then will also be much appreciated.

7 mistakes

7 mistakes

Try to act as much like a lady as possible on the first fews dates. Behave liked one, and dress like one. Always look your best and wear what is appropriate for  the occasion or activity. Try to look great wherever you are. Find out what he likes you to wear. You need to ask him specific details to learn about everything he likes. Because men have strong visual needs, and each of them has difference preferences of what they like  their lady to wear.


When you go on a date, especially first ones, never talk about your ex boyfriend, ex husband or any former love interest. There maybe appropriate time for such conversation in the future, but it won’t do you any good during your early stages of dating.


And always remember that the best person you can be is yourself. Being yourself is your best act. Don’t try to impress him with the people you know, places you’ve been, or your body measurement. You will only attract those with superficial intentions using these things. Show them the quality you have inside by being yourself.


Loyalty is the most important quality that men look for in a woman. Do not check out other men or he will start to question your ability to be loyal. Even done in the sly men will pick it up. Don’t comment on the good looks of another man regardless wether it’s in magazine, on screen or in person. They will just further complicate the issue of loyalty.